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Ever wondered why is GreenEarth so good? What is so bad about Perchloroethylene (perc)? When is one better than the other?

At Sharper Mobile Dry Cleaners Robina (Formerly Sharper Image Dry Cleaners Robina) we are one of the few cleaners on the Gold Coast to have both. green earth dry cleaning robina logo

Green Earth Dry Cleaning: 

The GreenEarth Cleaning process uses liquid silicone in place of petrochemicals.

As a result it is essentially liquified sand, silicone is non-hazardous and non-toxic to the environment. When released to the environment, it safely breaks down into the three natural elements it is made from: sand (SiO2) and trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide.

Being a natural substance it is safe for the air, water and soil.

As a result of being chemically inert it does not react with fabric fibers. Instead it carries the detergent to your clothes and carries away the dirt.

Therefore your garments are clean and fresh. Best part is that they will look newer for longer.

In addition it is particularly good on delicate, highly embellished garments. For example a Camilla silk caftan.

Being liquified sand (silicon) it does not generate a hazardous waste byproduct that must be disposed of as is the case with Perc.

When is perc the best option?

The bottom line with perc (also know as tetrachloroethylene) is that it is a chlorocarbon.

It is a colorless liquid commonly used in the dry cleaning process.

Why is it used?

Beacuse it removes stains that other methods simply wont remove.perc dry cleaning - gold coast

Most of all it is very effective at removing organic materials. Including fats, oils and other organic matter.

Therefore while we clean the majority of garments using the green earth method there are times when only perc will do.

While perc is being replaced by more modern methods (green earth) the fact is that it has been the go to method for decades.

Also its sweet natural odor and non flammable properties are desirable.

Yet it is expensive to dispose of and is not as friendly on the environment as green earth and other silicon based methods.

Consequently we limit it's use to certain purposes and focus primarily on green earth cleaning.

Finally if your looking for the best dry cleaner in Robina and surrounding suburbs please contact us.

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